AMO TRUCK SERVICES ("ATS") operates a roadside assistance service for cars and trucks. Provider maintains a roadside assistance truck and facilities to repair cars or trucks. Provider will be taking references from ATS for roadside assistance on the terms and conditions set out this agreement. Provider represents that it is capable of making roadside assistance calls and repairs in a businesslike and professional manner, using first quality workmanship.

ATS generates more leads then it’s in-house repair facilities can fulfill on its own. Provider will fulfill some of its roadside assistance calls.

Provider will register on ATS’s online roadside assistance program as a Provider of truck and car roadside assistance. When a lead is sent to Provider, Provider will respond with a roadside assistance truck to the call. Provider will determine what the nature of the breakdown consists of and the cost of repairs for the breakdown. Provider will inform ATS of the cost of roadside assistance and ATS will charge the individual or company in need of roadside assistance the cost of such roadside assistance. If the caller is in need of being towed to Providers facilities for repairs Provider shall not charge more than $500 for the down payment for towing and more than $75 per mile for the towing. ATS shall charge for roadside assistance services and towing. Provider shall keep ATS informed of roadside assistance fees and towing fees.

Provider shall not charge more than the standard hourly rates for the repairs listed in the 2024 handbook for truck repairs or the 2024 handbook for car repairs, depending on the situation. It shall be the ATS shall bill for all repairs at Provider’s facility.  It shall be Providers responsibility to keep ATS informed of all repairs and their cost. If Provider overcharges it shall upon demand by ATS refund the overcharge to the customer. Provider shall be responsible to ATS for all overcharges.

Provider represents that it has the know-how and equipment for performing repairs to cars and trucks.

Provider will protect ATS from claims for damages arising from any work performed in the field or at Providers facilities. More specifically, Provider shall hold harmless and defend ATS from any and all claims, demands, damages, complaints, liability, or repairs arising out of or related to the call for roadside assistance, repairs made for vehicles, or damages sustained by vehicles while in Provider’s care, custody, or control. Provider shall warranty its work for 90 days.

ATS shall take 20% of all fees billed for roadside assistance or subsequent repair. Provider shall be paid on the first and sixteenth of every month net 30. Provider shall be responsible for maintaining a garageman’s lien on the vehicle and not release the vehicle until ATS informs Provider it has been paid.  ATS is only responsible for paying Provider from fees it actually receives.

Provider shall maintain Workmen’s Compensation insurance for all of its employees. Provider shall show proof of Workmen’s Compensation insurance to ATS upon demand.

Provider shall maintain $2 million in general casualty or claims insurance which insurance shall cover any damages to any vehicle connected with or related to roadside assistance matters. Provider shall show proof of such insurance to ATS upon demand.

Each party shall pay its own taxes. Sales tax if any shall be paid by Provider. Customers will be charged a 3.5% credit card processing fee. Provider shall inform the Customer of these charges.

Each party shall pay all of its own costs of operation.

A referral is simply a response to a phone call. No guarantees are made as to the legitimacy of the call, the safety of the call, or the credit worthiness of the caller. Provider shall be responsible for its employees own safety.

ATS shall be free to amend this agreement at any time. Provider shall accept the changes by its use of the referral service after the changes have been made.